Congratulation to the recipients of the 2018 Bob Rex McGuire and NCCSC Membership Scholarships:

Region 1 (Western) – Eric Howie  II- Plans to attend UNC-Charlotte

Region 2 (Central) – Zycoria Adams- Plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill

Region 3 (Eastern) – Tristan Williamson- Plans to attend UNC-Charlotte

NCCS Council Membership – Brianne Coleman- Plans to attend Salem College

Bob McGuire

Bob Rex McGuire lived life to the fullest. He enjoyed people and one of his greatest pleasures was helping others.

Bob served in the US Military for 34 years. As a young man of 17, he joined the US Marines and saw action with the ground troops as they invaded Tarawa and fought against the Japanese. At the end of World War II, he joined the Army reserve and was called to active duty and fought throughout the Korean Conflict and later served several tours in Vietnam.

Bob McGuire was a man who expected the best in performance not only of himself but also of others. He demonstrated this through his completion of many courses and special schools. He served as a member of the elite Green Beret, became a Russian Linguist and spoke and understood German, Polish and Italian. During his tenure with the military, he was awarded 5 Meritorious Service Medals, 4 Air Medals, 2 Bronze Stars, 5 Purple Hearts and 2 Legions of Merit. He retired as a Command Sergeant Major, the highest rank attainable by a non-commissioned officer.


Bob was not known to be an idle man. Upon retirement from the military, he became one of the first Child Support Agents in North Carolina. He supervised the Randolph County Office for approximately two years before becoming a Program Consultant. During this time, he made immeasurable contributions to the North Carolina Child Support Program. We still operate under some of the policy and procedures he was involved in drafting.

After retirement from the state, Bob was employed in the private sector with a genetic testing laboratory. This job bought him in contact with child support professionals across the country. Bob would readily share the successes of other states with North Carolina and would always bring back the good ideas he gathered along the way. Even though he was in the private sector, it was quite evident that his heart remained in child support.

It is fitting that the North Carolina Child Support Council Educational Scholarship be established as a memorial to Bob McGuire. As a result of the Bob McGuire Scholarships given each year by the N. C. Child Support Council, some graduating seniors will be able to have a better educational opportunity to learn and become outstanding citizens.

Each year the North Carolina Child Support Council selects 3 young adults to receive a $1000 scholarship.