Door Prize Committee

The NCCSC Board of Directors Door Prize committee extends much gratitude to each county child support agency's door prize committee for your hard work of gathering door prizes from your local area organizations. We are very appreciative of your diligence and your local area organizations generosities. Because of your efforts and the organizations generosities, the door prize committee is able to deliver much fun and excitement at each North Carolina Child Support Council & Attorneys Conference.

Your hard work and efforts were very evident at the 2017 NCCSC Conference. Because of each of you, many of the 2017 NCCSC Conference attendees experienced the excitement of hearing their ticket numbers called, and the joy of receiving a gift.

Thank you for your hard work each and every day serving the child support program customers, and your contributions to making the NCCSC Door Prize Committee a success.

Sonya Green & Astra Kirksey - NCCSC Board Executive Door Prize Committee Co-Chairs

Door Prize Committee hard at work during the 2017 NCCSC Conference.