Susan Hunter

An update from Susan's mom Vivian who now works in the State's Customer Service Unit.


I thought I'd give you an update on Susie's academic progress. I'm proud to say that she received a call from a professor at the University of California at Berkeley last night who told her that out of 200 applicants for the Ph.D. program in statistics she is one of only 20 applicants to be accepted into the program. Berkeley will fully fund her studies there and will pay her a stipend as well. I told Susie that once she is through with her education and gets whatever high powered job she'll end up with, that I want her to contribute to the child support scholarship fund. If all the graduates who have received the scholarship will in turn contribute, then eventually it will perpetuate itself. She developed a web site with her resume for the purpose of getting summer research jobs, for getting into graduate school, and for applying for funding from such organizations as NSF, the National Science Foundation. She said she saw a "hit" on her web site from Berkeley, so evidently the admissions committee visited her web site to look at her resume. She said she will take the web site down once she is a student at Berkeley because Berkeley will speak for itself! If you are interested, her web site address is (and by now, I am sounding hopelessly like the bragging mother.) Yes, I am very proud of her! :-)