Michael James

Michael James' response to: What effect has child support made on your life or the life of someone you know?

The Effect of Child Support on My Life


The assistance I have received through the child support system has helped to provide a better life for me. The additional funds have made a significant contribution to my well being over the years. They have helped provide medicine, food, clothing and a home for me to live in.


My family consists of just my mother and myself, and we have been faced with some unfortunate circumstances. My mother has tried very hard to provide a good life for me, but about four years ago she lost her job at Pillowtex Inc., after working there for twentyfive years. She returned to college to obtain a teaching license. She has been teaching for two years now, but her salary is much less than it was before.


The child support money that I have received has helped provide me with essentials, like lunch money and medicine, and I can truly say that I have had a better life because of this assistance. However, one reason I am applying for this scholarship is because I will no longer be receiving child support money when I reach the age of eighteen. I plan to work part‑time, but I'm sure my college expenses will still create a hardship for my mother.


I would greatly appreciate any support to further my education, and an academic scholarship would ease some of the financial burden for my mother. Thank you so much for your consideration.

June 13, 2007



Support Council Scholarship Committee

121 Quinn Store Rd.

Beulaville, N. C. 28518


Dear N. C, Support Council Scholarship Committee:


Thank you so for awarding me the North Carolina Child Support Scholarship. This financial assistance will help me pursue my dreams of becoming a high school teacher and coach, and I am very grateful for this opportunity.


I am enclosing a picture as instructed. Please advise if you need any further information. Thank you again.



Michael James

A. L. Brown High School

Kannapolis, N. C.