Jacob Thor Watson

Region 2

Jacob is from Person County and plans to attend UNC Asheville, Asheville, NC.

The Effect Child Support Has Made On My Life

My mother has received child support for me since I was three. It is taken from my father's wages each month and sent to my mother. She has raised me alone while holding a full time job and running a household. Between household costs, day care and medical experiences, she struggled to make ends meet each month, forget being able to accumulate a savings. She works a second job to provide us-with opportunities such as summer camp ventures, a computer, and family vacations to experience outside culture and growth.

Being competitive for today's college slots often means taking summer classes and participating in summer ventures. Without the additional child support, it would have been impossible for my mother to have provided me with a clean safe home, quality time with her, and summer opportunities. With child support, I was able to get a used car to transport myself to the community college and UNCG to take college classes. By taking many of my first year courses while in high school, I now have twenty college credits to transfer with me to college. Everything I can do to help with the costs of my education makes my dream of a college experience more accessible. The dream of college does not have to only be a dream for children who are fortunate enough to have two parent families; it can be a dream for single parent families too.

Jacob Thor Watson 
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