Gabrielle Jones

Gabrielle Jones' response to: What effect has child support made on your life or the life of someone you know?

Imagine a life where you always feel that someone is missing. You have felt this way since you were about five‑years‑old. However, each month you receive a little monetary token. This token is from someone you soon find out to be the missing piece in your life, your father. Joy immediately feels your heart. This short scenario represents my life and the results of child support at work.

Child support has provided a means of letting me know my father still cares about me. Even if child support is mandated by a court order, it assures me that my father wants to help me. I have to admit, sometimes in the past my father would forget to send money, and I would feel like he wanted me to starve or to go without clothes. However, not long after, money would soon come rolling in. Now, that I am older and wiser I know that this aftermath only occurred because child support required this. As a result, I feel it is necessary to state that I am really appreciative for the development of child support. Child support has encouraged absent parents to get involved in their children's lives by at least providing financial assistance. Sometimes child support doesn't always prove to be very productive, but it warms my heart to at least know that others sympathize or empathize with the ordeals I have been going through. Thanks to child support I have had additional support for seventeen years of my life.

May 27, 2007



Ms. Lorraine Jackson

121 Quinn Store Rd

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Dear Ms. Jackson:


I have enclosed a picture of myself for your website for the N.C. Child Support Council Scholarship. Thank you very much.



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Gabrielle Jones