Erica Leigh Jackson


Region 3

Erica is from Wayne County and plans to attend Winston-Salem State, Winston-Salem, NC.

The effect that child support has had on my life has left me with a sense of disappointment. I am sure this law was meant to provide aid to the many dependants who find themselves living in a home headed by a single mother. When my parents divorced, my father was court ordered to pay $350.00 in child support. I was five years old. Within six months, my father moved in with his girlfriend, began working on a job that pays lower wages and petitioned the courts to lower his child support payment to $75.00. In addition, my father is a great musician and earns a regular salary by playing for churches in the area. His wages are paid in cash so they are not recorded as income. (My mom calls this "getting paid under the table") The part that disappoints me the most is that he actively looked for ways to avoid his responsibility to provide for me.

I appreciate the child support laws and feel they are meant to provide assistance to children who are in my situation. I am sure that this must work in some cases; however, I feel the courts cannot enforce integrity or a decent level of responsibility. Those qualities cannot be mandated.

This is not the end of my life's story! I have been accepted into college and I plan to set new goals, one of which will involve being a responsible citizen who gives back to the community.

 Erica Leigh Jackson