Brittany Brittain

NCCS Scholarship Winner

Brittany is from Transylvania and plans to attend High Point University, High Point, NC.

Brittany Brittain

North Carolina Child Support Council Scholarship

What effect has child support made on your life or the life of someone you know?

Child support has not benefited my family. My mother is financially unstable and physically disabled. My father only pays child support to stay out of jail. He would rather sit in a jail cell for 31 days than to pay a small amount of S25 dollars a month which is the amount required. It seems as if no one cares that he does not pay child support. Even though the amount he is required to pay is very small, it would help me with things I need for school. I am a senior and several expenses are required, such as cap and gown, graduation invitations, and senior portraits. I live with my grandmother who has been providing most of the money for these costs with little help from my mom. My mom can not help with such expenses because she does not have enough money to help raise me. If my father were forced by the State to pay child support, the burden of so many, costs would have been relieved. Child support would also help pay for my college education. I have been accepted at High Point University , but if I do not have enough money to pay for tuition, I will be unable to attend. Child support money would be very beneficial to my education. Hopefully, with scholarships, financial aid, and work, I will be able to attend my dream college.