Amber LaSalle

Amber Lasalle's response to: What effect has child support made on your life or the life of someone you know?

I have been lucky enough not to have had to rely on Child Support, but I know it has greatly benefited many of my peers and so many little children that I know. My mom works in one of the best Child Support offices in the State, so I know this program has helped millions of children in North Carolina. It's really terrifying to think where these children would be without this program!


I think single‑parent families constantly struggle to maintain some type of 'normal life' without the help of the father, or mother, who is not in the home. I see the "consequences" it has on the children in homes without both parents in the school that I do my internship at every day. It's sad to see how a child can suffer in a single‑parent family, but it's even sadder when the parent doesn't even attempt to help financially. The children are the real victims when a parent does not take responsibility.


Children want to be able to 'fit in' with everyone else, to be able to participate in that team sport or go on a field trip now and then. Just the 'simple' things in life can be some. In our County, Child Support has helped many single parent families to live a little more comfortably. I'm sure it must be comforting to them just to have some type of stability in their lives knowing that someone is looking out for them and really care!